Picking Your Colors

The makers at Uberrime mix platinum silicone with micas, cosmetics, skin safe pigments and other skin safe components to achieve our stunning colors. Each additional color is $12. We do not recommend more than three colors as things tend to get a bit muddy.

When picking a color or colors, the Base color is either the stand alone color, or the foundation for other colors to marble against. This Element 4 (Fig.1) is pigmented with NOLA Purple as the stand alone Base Color.

When adding a second color, we have found the best results occur when there is a marbled transition, or “ombre” from one color to the next. Adding a Secondary Color will move the Base color to the bottom of the toy and the tip will predominately be the Secondary Color. This Element 4 (Fig. 2) has NOLA Purple as the Base Color and Emerald Green as the Secondary Color.

Adding a third, or, Accent Color, we mix each color separately then combine them into one vessel, then pour the silicone in a wavy pattern to achieve a completely unique, marbled appearance. The Accent Color will appear predominately at the top or tip of the toy, and marble with the Secondary and Base color. This Element 4 (Fig. 3) has a Base Color of NOLA Purple, a Secondary Color of Emerald Green, and an Accent Color of Glittery Gold. We call this three color scheme The Mardi Gras Colorway. For more curated colorway examples, please visit our Gallery.

This Element 4 (Fig. 4) has been made with the same colors as the Mardi Gras above, but reversed. The Accent Color is NOLA Purple, the Secondary Color is Emerald Green, and the Base color is Glittery Gold.

A few notes on colors and silicone. Results will always vary, even in single colors. Each toy is made by hand and mica pigments, like a vinyl record, will capture every subtle wave! Tiny air bubbles that travel with the silicone up the side of the mold leave long lines, these are not flops or flaws, rather, the nature of the materials. These two Element 4's were made with the same colors. Below, the Element 4 on the left was made with Soft & Squishy 0030, where the one on the right was made with Medium Shore 12a. 

As a general rule, the softer the silicone density, the looser the marbling will appear as the viscosity of the silicone is thinner in softer materials. Toys made in firmer silicone tend to have crisper marbling with precise contrast. In toys made with softer silicone the colors tend to merge just a bit. A toy made in Soft & Squishy 0030 silicone will appear dramatically different than a toy made with the same colors in Firm Shore 16a.

Dual and Triple Density Toys are made with multiple layers and will almost always have color merging in the shaft toward the base of the toy when made with more than one color. We highly recommend no more than two colors in these toys, but they still come out looking unique and pretty when made with three.