Do you ship internationally?

We are currently only taking orders in the United States. International shipping updates are coming. In the meantime, feel free to place international orders from our Etsy Shop.

The post office lost my toy, what can I do?
Uberrime ships nearly every order using the USPS. We provide free shipping with our orders, which are discreetly packed and shipped USPS Ground Advantage, which includes tracking and up to $100 in insurance. To further protect your purchase, upgrade your shipping to USPS Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express and we will provide additional insurance beyond the included $100 to cover the entire cost of your order. We are ultimately not responsible for lost or stolen packages. If your order is lost or stolen, please contact the USPS with your tracking number. Please note, as the shipper of your order, we do not have any additional information than you have access to through tracking. What you see is the same as what we see. For more information on missing mail, please use this link to the USPS 

Our Return Address:
Peter Parker
102 Drennen Suite B-11
Orlando, Fl. 32806

How do I wash my new toy?
We do in fact wash every new toy prior to packaging, it’s a good idea to wash your toy thoroughly before its first use. You can wash all platinum silicone toys using hot water and unscented anti-bacterial hand soap, boiling water, 10% bleach and water (do not boil bleach and water), you can even wash them in a dishwasher with no detergent. You can also use a lint free alcohol wipes or rubbing alcohol. After cleaning, rinse the toy thoroughly and let it air dry. Silicone is sticky and paper/cloth towel fibers, hair, pet hair, and dust etc. will adhere to the surface.

Are Uberrime Dildos and Sex Toys Skin Safe?
Absolutely Skin Safe. Uberrime Adult Toys are made with SmoothOn Platinum Silicone either Ecoflex™ and or Dragon Skin®. Cured material is skin safe and certified by an independent laboratory to ISO 10993-10, Biological evaluation of medical devices, Part 10: Tests for irritation and skin sensitization. Uberrime Items are always Phthalates Free. Platinum Silicone can be sanitized making it the perfect material for these toys.

What lubricants are suitable for my new toy?
Water based lubricants are the best for the longevity of your toy and mostly found to be body safe. Avoid, DO NOT, use Silicone based lubricant as it can and will damage the surface and finish of cured silicone and the toy may become unsafe for use. Natural oils such as coconut oil are completely safe for use with silicone toys as long as you have no allergies to said oils.

What is the difference in density?
Uberrime Dildos can vary widely in density based on the model from soft and squishy shore 0030 to a medium shore 12a to firm shore 16a. Generally we suggest that larger and fantasy toys are made with softer silicone, where more slender toys or toys designed for specific pressure such as G or P Spot are made with slightly firmer, or medium to firm density silicone. We suggest that butt plugs and targeting toys are made with firm silicone. A definitive guide to shore density can be found here: (This section is under construction) Meantime have a look at this short video on our Instagram. 

My dildo is stinky after use, what can I do?
Long answer short, silicone is in fact porous at the molecular level. The surface of silicone sex toys may appear smooth but there are microscopic holes that will trap smelly gas via osmosis in Items such as butt plugs or other platinum silicone toys used for anal play. All silicone toys may in fact retain an odor after such use. To eliminate the odor first try soaking the toy in a 10% water and bleach solution. If the odor persists, simply place the toy in an oven preheated to 350º for about ten minutes. This will in fact do the trick. Wash the toy afterward and you should all set. *Please note, that the oven method may in fact damage dual or triple density toys. Consider using rubbing alcohol to sanitize these toys.

Do I have to pay Customs Fees and Taxes for my International Order?
Yes. We receive payment for your items and shipping costs. When printing your postage, we are required by law to declare the items contained within and the associated value of those items. I list items as Merchandise, defined as "Silicone Novelty" with the Tariff Number 4016.99 per customs requirements. Nearly always you will be charged a Customs Fee and Local Taxes when you receive your package. Orders to the EU the VAT and duties are paid at checkout. These things are completely out of my control and I apologize for the extra expenses you may incur in this regard. We are not responsible for items held in customs or delays as a result of such conditions.

Do you make custom toys?
Nearly all Uberrime toys are custom made to order with a choice of colors and density in our existing molds. We do not take individual commissioned items, replicate actual human parts from an actual human (please do not ask), duplicate existing toys, or make our existing toys larger or smaller. We also do not accept unsolicited ideas for new toys. As such, these inquiries will not receive a response.

For commercial manufacturing inquiries, theater or film items, special effects projects, etc. please use our contact form.

What is a Vac-U-Lock Port?
This is a hole in the base of the toy where you can attach items such as suction cups and handles. With a vac-u-lock port, you can attach your dildo to some sex machines that have a compatible Vac-U-Lock mount. Please note that heavy use of a Vac-U-Lock port can cause the toy to tear. Use caution to avoid chipping the silicone around the port. Please note, if a toy is not listed with a Vac-U-Lock option, it cannot be made with one. The Vac-U-Lock port will accommodate some thicker bullet vibrators. 

What is a Bullet Vibrator Port?
This is a hole in the base of the toy where you can insert a small bullet vibrator that will add extra stimulation when using your silicone toy. A vibrator is not included with the port. We use exclusively Blush Novelties Limited Addiction Bullet Vibrators to create a the port, and this model fits the port perfectly. As a general rule, the firmer the silicone, the better the vibrations will travel through the toy. Softer silicones tend to dampen the vibrations. The Bullet Vibrator Port is about 3 inches deep and .83 inches in diameter, where the slanted tip of the vibrator faces the front of the toy. 

How long does it take to get my order?
All orders submitted to our website generally take from two to five business days to be made, then, using our free shipping option, 3 to 9 additional days in transit. Nearly all orders are shipped using USPS Ground Advantage. Priority Mail, or Priority Mail Express will cost extra. Actual make and shipping times vary. Orders over $300 may require a signature. Signature confirmation may be added upon request by contacting us immediately after placing your order and at no charge.

If you are outside the US, your order will be shipped to you via USPS Priority Mail and should arrive 7-10 days after being shipped (if there are no delays). We ask that customers please allow up to 8 weeks (we know, that's ridiculous but it happens) on all international orders. We typically ship via USPS Priority Mail International on most international orders, but we reserve the right to select the carrier and service at the time of shipping. As we offer free shipping for addresses in the USA, we reserve the right to select the most affordable shipping option and may select a different carrier based on cost.

After placing an order, you will receive an automated email with your order confirmation. Upon printing a shipping label for your order, another email will be automatically sent with the tracking information. Orders placed through SHOP, subsequent information will be sent to you based on your settings. If you do not receive any email or other notifications within 24 hours of placing your order, please check your spam or junk mail folders. Once shipping labels are created for your order, it may take up to two business days for the carrier to actually ship your order. Please keep an eye on your tracking information.

Do you accept returns or exchanges?
Due to the very personal nature of our products, we cannot take returns or exchanges after your toy has been shipped. If there is a problem with your order, defects, or other issues, please contact us. We will accept order cancellations if the toy has not been made. Once your order has been made, we will not accept a cancellation as our items are made to order. If you notice a defect on your toy, please contact us within five days of receiving your order. The most frequent reasons for a return request is the toy’s size; too big or too small. Again, we do not accept returns. Please read the product specifications and descriptions carefully.